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Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan

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Champagne and sparkling wine, called Sekt in Germany, has a long tradition starting around 1825 when the first sekt-cellars were founded. However, very little of it is actually exported and in most countries, especially in Asia, it is very difficult to find a good “Sekt” at all. It has so far been a well-kept secret that Germany produces excellent champagne although the virtues of German wines were extolled extensively by J. W. von Goethe, the world famous poet, in many of his letters.

 The fact that Germans tend to keep most of their wine for themselves proves that they know how good their home-made wines really are. According to the country’s consumer statistics, the Germans drank about 422 Million 0,75l bottles of sparkling wine in 2006 alone.

Realizing this, Wine Cellar Asia decided that it is high time Singapore and the rest of Asia gets to taste as well as discover the fine tradition of good German champagne.
We are both proud and honored to be able to offer exclusive German champagne from three different famous winemakers. The exclusivity of these three vineyards is not only because of their tradition and specialty, but the fact that they produce a very limited amount of their delicious products.

We are thrilled about having the opportunity to represent exclusively these German boutique champagne producers in Singapore:

Weingut Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany)
Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany)
Weingut Ihringer (Kaiserstuhl, Germany)

Besides that we are proud to have expanded our portfolio to Italian wines - Moncaro from the Marche region.


Presenting Asian wine and gin lovers the best from the heart of Europe.

German Vineyards

Reichsrat von Buhl

Reichsrat von Buhl

Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl was founded in 1894, and it is one of the most traditional and prestigious wineries in Germany over the last 150 years.

In its history, von Buhl has received numerous international awards for its wines, at world exhibitions and international conferences, such as the gold medal Paris in 1867, the great Medal of Philadelphia 1876, Grand Prix Paris 1900, the Grand Prix St. Louis 1904 and the Grand Prix Brussels 1910. The bottle fermented “champagne” of the winery is considered to be in the premium segment of the sparkling wines and are among the market leaders in Germany.

vonbuhla vonbuhlc

Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan

Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan

Weingut Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann- Jordan is a wine estate with a long tradition. Andreas Jordan (1775-1848) established the winery which was bought over by the entrepreneur Achim Niederberger in 2002. Since then the popular winemaker has spared no effort to satisfy wine connoisseurs with its terrific wine compositions that always ensuring a fine Riesling aroma with a delicate elegance. For their Sekt the best Riesling wines are used. As a matter of course the method of champagne is applied and for at least 12 month the Sekt mature in the bottle.

bassermannB bassermannA

German Wines & Champagnes

Reichsrat von Buhl

Reichsrat von Buhl

Riesling Sekt Brut 2013

The first of Buhl champagne by Mathieu Kauffmann. Like all of our sect naturally produced by traditional bottle fermentation. Pronounced fresh and very fine bubbles.
Welt am Sunday, 11/23/14: “The best German Riesling Sekt.”

Content: 0.75 l
Alcohol content: 12.5

Riesling Sekt Brut 2011

Repeatedly ranked No 1 Sekt in Germany, including ft magazine.

This sparkling Riesling Sekt – brut and extra dry – is made from 100% Riesling grapes. Fruity, light and with a citrus fragrance, it is the perfect opening to any celebration. The fruit aromas are caressed by a fine yeast bouquet, reminiscent of freshly baked bread. Suppleness, fruit and spirit are brought together on the palate.

White Burgundy QbA Pfalz, dry

Fragrant, fresh acid Pinot Blanc with delicate aromas of toast and lots of juicy pear.

Content: 0.75 l
Alcohol content: 12.5

QbA Pfalz, dry

Very classic Pinot Noir with a rather bright color. Clear, concise fruit on the palate strongly influenced by aging in used barriques and tonneau, a real value for a hit.

Content: 0.75 l
Alcohol content: 13.0%

vonbuhl1 vonbuhl2



Riesling Sekt Extra Brut 2011

The Riesling Sekt of Basserman-Jordan is a delicious delight due to its very dry but enthralling flavour. It has a clear mineral character, perfect for those who want to enjoy an extra dry Sekt.The cellar master did a fantastic job by creating this German champagne of light yellow color and nice vanilla flavor. A real sparkling pleasure!

Alcohol: 13 %vol.

Liquor: 5.1 g/l

Acidity: k.A g/l

Pierre Brut (Limited Edition)

Bassermann-Jordan´s Pierre brut is an absolute highly sophisticated German champagne. It got its name from the founder of the wine estate and describes the cream of the culture of German champagne. Annually, there are only 7000-8000 bottles available and they are usually exclusively sold to select customers in small quantities.
The Pierre is a cuvee made from different burgundy wines and chardonnay, prepared according to the classical method of champagne preparation. The mousseux is like a dream and the red berry flavour is irresistible.

Alcohol: 12 %vol.

Liquor: 13.3 g/l

Acidity: 6.3 g/l

Press voices… Pierre Sekt Brut, “Excellent” German champagne (91 Points).
Gault Millau 2009

Ice Wine Goldmuskateller 2007 – Harvest: December 20, 2007

Since the 19th century, the wine estate Bassermann-Jordan is famous for its sweet and world famous wines. Their characteristics are a variety of exotic fruit aromas, alluring fragrances, and elegance that can only be achieved through extensive craftsmanship. Every winter it is a new challenge to create such a specialty as nobody knows if the weather conditions will be favourable for production. 2007 was fortunately a year with just perfect conditions, enabling Bassermann-Jordan to create their Goldmuskateller – an absolute rarity. The 2007 Goldmuskateller is an impressive rich fruity ice wine with flavours of roses after Litchi.

Alcohol: 7 %vol.

Liquor: 179.3 g/l

Acidity: 8.9 g/l

Press voices…
Bassermann-Jordans´s – GOLDMUSKATELLER EISWEIN – vintage 2007 – Gault Millau 2009 ranking: “Excellent” ice wine of the Year 2007 (91 Points).


bassermann2 bassermann1

Portuguese Wine - Quinta Da Pacheca

Edgerton Pink Gin





Launched in 2011, Edgerton Original Pink Gin took off with a huge success. It stands out amongst the scores of gins that have been launched in the last few years and won in the 2014 Spirits Business Gin competition the accolade of a Masters Medal in the contemporary category.

Wine Cellar Asia is proud to launch this unique gin at the Singapore Yacht Show 2015.

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